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L2 Elements Closed - Reopened as L2aQua

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L2 Elements Closed - Reopened as L2aQua

Post  =GM=Earth on Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:29 pm

NEW SERVER OPEN November 2010: L2aQua - http://l2aqua.forum-motion.com/forum.htm
Data has reopened the server with the new Freya client, and it is now back to the old name of L2aQua.
Please visit the new site and forum for details. Thanks to all those who stayed with us in Elements!

Original Post
As you may all suspect, the L2Elements has Closed.

Sorry for the long time to post an official answer, but Fire told me himself that he closed it.
There is no plan for reopening at this time. I do not know if Fire or Data are keeping or selling the client. It is unknown if the database has been erased, but I would consider it gone.

If I read or see any plan to make a new server or restart this one, I will post it here. Thanks to all that helped L2Elements through good and bad, and hopefully we will meet again on another server or game someday soon. I will leave the 'Server closed' thread in the General section open, the rest will be locked.

Good Bye, Good Luck, Have Fun, God Bless!

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