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Sever closed.

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Sever closed. Empty Sever closed.

Post  =GM=Earth on Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:21 pm

As you may all now know, the Server has Closed.

Sorry for the long time to post an official answer, but Fire told me himself that he closed it.

If I read or see any plan to make a new server or restart this one, I will post it here. Thanks to all that helped L2Elements through good and bad, and hopefully we will meet again on another server or game someday soon. I will make one thread on the welcome section, and that will be it. All but this thread will be locked.

Bye, Good Luck, Have Fun, God Bless!

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Sever closed. Empty Re: Sever closed.

Post  Rj485 on Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:26 pm

Hello all,

My MSN is robertrj0485@hotmail.com

Add me and we can talk about what server to join and etc.
Or, if anyone wants to start a server (and knows what they are doing)

-- Server I'm looking for:

Mid- Highrate 50-100x or 1000x +++.
Regular or substack, substack preferred.
no lag, high uptime.
community of over 200 (at least 100 online all times).
custom farming, or GM shop/buffer.
Gracia 2 or higher.

Basically I want to join and be able to get top level and decent gear on the first day (8 hours worth of play time). Yes I want to work for TOP gear, and skill/weapon enchants, but I want to be able to get 3rd class, nobl, and A grade or regular S grade EASY. Willing to donate $30 per month.

ALSO, I COULD run a server on my desktop computer, but I do not know how to host, and my connection is bad. If I had the client and software, and someone help me set it up, I would use the $30 per month to buy a better connection, and just host a server like Elements myself. IF ANYONE is interested to partner with me, let me know.

To Fire/DaTa, I know you probably stopped the server because of hosting fees and no members, but I could probably run the server myself with less than half of the ($150?) that you were paying that lame datacenter. I'm sure with $90 per month ($30 from me and $60 from you 2), we could get more than enough bandwidth and a secure connection. Let me know if I can help, Thanks.

UPDATE: L2aQua (server name before Elements) is back online! now with Freya client, new server, new site and forum!
Check it out NOW! =)

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