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Post  Rj485 on Sat May 08, 2010 10:45 pm

~ Complaints Here! ~


Put your complaints here in this thread.

2 rules:
**If I see NEGATIVE posts anywhere else except here, they will be locked, then deleted after a few days, OR moved to "Doubts and questions," if appropriate.
**Keep all complaints as calm as possible... "-_- this and -_- GM blablabla" will not get you far, even on this thread... You can complain without cursing every word, and *usually* people will listen and respond BETTER when you make a sensible complaint, instead of being rash, rude, stubborn...

Right now, we have a small community, and we are TRYING to grow it. We do not need people to get impatient, have a bad attitude, then start flaming GMs and making drama because of blablabla. Think before you post, and remember, we are all adults here (mostly), so lets act like adults please. Wink

VOTE for server, and share your opinion! Thanks.

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