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Isle of Prayer: Crystal Caverns 4

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Isle of Prayer: Crystal Caverns 4

Post  Rj485 on Sat May 08, 2010 9:09 pm

[**Note: I have not personally done this instance yet (since I have not defeated Darnel). Therefore, if anyone does defeat this boss before I do, feel free to reply with any details that are different for our server. Thanks!]

Isle of Prayer: Crystal Caverns 4

RB Baylor (Dark based)

[NOTE: Each player can only do the Crystal Caverns instance ONCE per 24 Hours, so each day you must choose either
Tears, Kechi, or Darnel, not all three. You can do the RB's in any order. When you kill the 3rd RB, and if all the party has
all 3 Crystals, you have the option to port into the Baylor Instance. Further explanation below.]

**As you have seen by now, after each boss is dead, a statue appears. It can port you into the Baylor instance, only if every party member has all 3 crystals, (Clear, Red and Blue), 1 from each of the 3 bosses. Since the Crystals are tradable, a person only needs to go into 1 RB instance to get to Baylor, if someone trades/sells him the other 2 Crystals.

RB Baylor

Necessary Items: [For EACH member of the party] 1 Clear, 1 Red, and 1 Blue Crystal, and several (3-4) Water Dragon Claws.

[**Note: See the 1st CC article for how to get the Claws. If each person does not have at least 1 Claw, Baylor will likely not die, you will fail the instance, you will need to do more DcMansion and CC instances to regain the necessary crystals!]

A Healer is definitely recommended, since Baylor has a sweet looking (but powerful) AoE ground attack, and high P.Atk.
As with Darnel, use Dark potions and/or Dark resist buffs.

Everything starts with a cool animation. Then you can start killing it. Overall, it’s the same most of the way through. Don’t forget to kill the Alarm devices that will appear near you, and use MP elixirs as soon they are reused.

The first guard respawn will be easy. When Baylor is at 30% of its HP, it will start using UD, but its temporary, not the permanent one like Tears does. It will fade away in time. But don’t spend Claws now just hit him a bit more.

When 20-25% of its HP remains, Baylor will UD more often, and now it is time to use the Claws. The tactic is the same as with Tears -- every person needs to target the boss, walk close to it, and click on the Claw at the SAME time (of course you should put it on the hotbar for fast use).

If sucessful, the UD will be gone, and then you just have to finish the beast. After the boss is dead, a Baylor's Treasure Chest will appear. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to get something from it -- assuming it actually drops anything.
[There is an 8% chance for the chest to drop a Baylor's Earring! Good Luck!]

[The next part is about finishing the "Bird in the Cage" quest, which is no longer necessary for our server, since HB is already opened.]

Also a statue will appear. Talk to it and it will port you to Parme.
Talk to him and he will give you the letter that you need to bring to Kanis (the NPC you have started the quest with). Go to Kanis and talk to him he will say something about Gludio but you don’t need to go there. Just take the second quest at Kanis and go to Heine.

In Heine, walk to the Warpgate and talk to the NPC nearby. It makes no difference what to choose while talking to him. Give the crystals you have left to the NPC so you will “feed” the portal with it.

It’s done in the way that even if you have done the quest you can’t port to Hellbound right away. You need to get a lot of crystals (every crystal equals to some amount of points) to open the gate. Once the Warpgate is activated, you can port into the HB area.

[End of guide]

[Copied from the internet, and edited for spelling, grammar, and accuracy] =P

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Re: Isle of Prayer: Crystal Caverns 4

Post  manolescu3 on Mon May 10, 2010 10:17 pm

you are the best man whith your post I can understant this rb and all things because I suck when is about parnasus quests but ty now I can make dinasty armor tyyyyy Razz

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