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Isle of Prayer: Crystal Caverns 3

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Isle of Prayer: Crystal Caverns 3

Post  Rj485 on Sat May 08, 2010 7:30 pm

[**NOTE: I have *not yet* tried this instance, but I have been told that the Darnel instance is bugged. I *do not know* if this is true, or if they just did not do the instance *correctly*... It is VERY easy to fail in this instance! If you decide to try Darnel, please follow all the directions carefully, and then reply to this thread with your result, thanks! =) ]

Isle of Prayer: Crystal Caverns 3

RB Darnel (Dark based)

[NOTE: Each player can only do the Crystal Caverns instance ONCE per 24 Hours, so each day you must choose either
Tears, Kechi, or Darnel, not all three. You can do the RB's in any order. When you kill the 3rd RB, and if all the party has
all 3 Crystals, you have the option to port into the Baylor Instance. Further explanation below.]

It is presumed that every party member should have Clear Crystal and Red Crystal.
Also, you need to do the Dark Mansion instance once again because it will not let you in without a Contaminated Crystal.

**As you have seen by now, after each boss is dead, a statue appears. It can port you into the Baylor instance, only if every party member has all 3 crystals (Clear, Red and Blue). Since the Crystals are tradable, a person only needs to go into 1 RB instance to get to Baylor, if someone trades him the other 2 Crystals.

Items needed: Water Dragon Claws, Race Keys (3, or better 6) and Dark potions.

I have told you about the Claws already [see CC article #1] – this item is needed to kill Baylor and every party member must have it (same as Scale).

The other items you need are Race Keys. In order to obtain them you must do a little quest. You can start it at the NPC near House #1.
- House #1: Southeast area
- House #2: West beach
- House #3: Northwest path
- House #4: Northeast - Chromatic Highlands
In order to do this quest easily, it is good to bring a sws, a strider/wolf, and a summoner. This quest is all about running from one house to another. You must kill all but 1 mob in each house and come back to the starting point (House #1) within 30 minutes. One mob in each house does not move, is invulnerable, and fossilizes you if you hit him too much. You should kill the rest of the mobs fast, and if they won’t give the stamp, you must kill them even faster as they respawn. It is not that hard though. The only problem is getting all the way back before time runs out. Put your summoner at the House #1 so that the quest character will not have to run from the House #4 to House #1. It is desirable to do the quest twice, so you do not run out of keys during the RB instance.
Only 1 person may have the race quest at one time – once you have taken it, you must wait the 30 minute quest period before anyone can take it again. [I tried this myself, and the quest is bugged on the second person, so you just have to wait for the 1st player to finish]

After you have obtained the keys and Water Dragon Claws you can go to Crystal Caverns.
[Don’t forget to take the Clear and Red crystals with you if you want to do Baylor after Darnel.]

Port inside, choose the Emerald Garden & Steam Corridor option at the NPC, enter, kill the left gatekeeper, pick up the key, open the door and walk in.

This location is a nice big cave with 5 doors in it. 3 of them can be opened with a Race key, the 4th leads to the boss, and in order to open the last one you will need to disarm a trap.

Note: In order to open a door you do not need to use the key on it. Do not run around near the doors if you have the Race Keys. The one who has keys must move to the door nice and slowly till he steps on an invisible plate. As soon as you have stepped on the right place, the door will open, and 1 key will disappear from the inventory.
*You cannot move from this place, or the door will close!*
Just stand still until your party walks inside, kills all the mobs, and walks out. Only then can you move from the plate.

That’s why I have told you that it’s better to have 6 keys instead of 3, because if your finger itches to click around, 3 keys definitely will not be enough for you... Wink

Now, to continue with the walkthrough. The mobs here are easy, kill all the mobs till you descend to the right. After you have killed all the mobs a single mob will appear – kill it and a mini boss will appear, he is easy. Kill him and his guards.

S80 Armor Recipes and Parts

There are 2 doors to the left. Behind the first one is the NPC that can trade you the shards for S80 parts and recipes. In order to open this door you must use a dagger skill Detect trap and then Remove trap.

Inside there are mobs and the NPC – kill the mobs, look what the NPC has to offer you and walk out. Then the one who has the Race keys walks slowly to the next door until he steps on an invisible plate and the door opens. As soon as the door is opened, he must wait until the party walks in, kills the mobs, and walks out. Only then can he move from the plate.

Kill all the mobs near the descending area, a mob with minions will appear - kill it. Do the same with the next 2 rooms. The one with the keys finds the right place, the party walks in, kills the mobs and then walks out. After you have killed all the mobs, a door in the far right corner will appear. This door leads to the boss.

The boss is easy. The catch here, is that there are alot of traps inside the room. A dagger class can detect them, but since the floor is all covered with these traps, no matter where you stand, you will be surrounded. You can try removing the traps with a dagger skill, but they will quickly respawn again. While you are killing the boss, the traps will blow up and hit you with AoE damage. However, with Dark potions and/or Divine protection there, it’s no big deal, if you have a healer.

The boss uses an AoE paralyze, and it will land from time to time, but it can be removed with normal means. You can stand in the circle in the center of the room and healer(s) can stay away from the boss just on the safe side. Or just stand on the one side of the circle and put healer(s) on the opposite side, and everything will be ok.

After the boss is dead, everyone's Contaminated Crystal becomes a Blue Crystal. Then, the statue will appear that can port you to Baylor. If you have all the crystals needed, then regen, buff, and port. The party leader needs to talk to the statue. As the party ports in, a *randomly* chosen crystal will disappear from every party member's inventory.

[To Be Continued in the next article]

[copied from the internet, and edited for spelling, grammar, and accuracy] Wink

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