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Isle of Prayer: Crystal Caverns 2

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Isle of Prayer: Crystal Caverns 2

Post  Rj485 on Fri May 07, 2010 6:53 pm

Isle of Prayer: Crystal Caverns 2

RB Kechi (Fire based)

[NOTE: Each player can only do the Crystal Caverns instance ONCE per 24 Hours, so each day you must choose either
Tears, Kechi, or Darnel, not all three. You can do the RB's in any order. When you kill the 3rd RB, and if all the party has
all 3 Crystals, you have the option to port into the Baylor Instance. Further explanation in a later article.]

You have to do the Dark Mansion instance once again. Without a Contaminated Crystal you won’t be able to port in.
Everything is way simpler with this boss.

Items needed: 2-3 Red Coral for each member

Corals are obtained in the same place where Crystal Fragments are obtained. (Don’t forget about Kiss of Eva buff)
After you have done Mansion and obtained Corals you can swim to Crystal Caverns.

Choose the Emerald Garden & Steam Corridor option at the NPC. Port in and walk to the room. In the room to the left and to
the right there are big doors and two narrow passages at both sides of the room. The room to the left is for Darnel RB and the
right one for Kechi RB. A bit clearer on the picture:

In every passage there are mobs and in the end a Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper drops a key for the door. You cannot have both
keys at once because once you have killed a gatekeeper another one will disappear.

The left gatekeeper drops the key for the left door, the right for the right one. We need Kenchi so we go to the right corridor,
kill the gatekeeper, take the key, go to the door, target the door, double click on the key and walk in.

This location is made of a few corridors in the end of each you have to choose the right statue. Walk accurately without any
rush. You have plenty of time and Corals provide you with additional time. You don’t need to use them just keep them in the

The right Statue order is: 2 - 4 – 3. Now you have passed the first corridor and you can see that 4 statues have appeared in
the end of the corridor. A healer must target the second statue to the left and heal it till its HP is full (takes about 10 Major
heals). Once you have healed it the other statues will disappear.

A party leader should talk to the statue and it will port you in the next corridor. The difficulty of the corridors goes up.
Now in the end of the corridor a healer must heal the 4th statue to the left (or the very right one).

The next corridor – heal the 3rd statue to the left (the very right one).

The last corridor is the hardest, mobs hit hard with AoE. Try to lure them one by one and proceed carefully. In the end you will
see 1 statue that will port you to the boss. It is advisable to regen before porting. Don’t forget about Fire Potions.

The boss is quite easy itself. But there is a trick. After some time guards will appear in the room. There are 10-15 mobs that
will start running and hitting. You must kill them and then continue with killing the boss. Ideally you must kill the boss the
second respawn of the guards. If you fail you will have to kill the guards again and with every new wave it will spawn faster
and faster. [If the fighters do not aggro to you, then you do not have to kill them to kill the boss.]

If you won’t kill the guards and will just shoot at the boss a new wave of guards will spawn very fast, and if you fail to kill
the guards you will be swarmed with mobs. After the boss is dead the guards won’t disappear (if you haven’t killed them)!
So if there are a lot of guards and you already have the Red Crystal, just return / recall.

[To Be Continued in the next article]

[Copied from the internet, and edited for spelling, gammar, and accuracy] =P

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