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Isle of Prayer: DarkCloud Mansion

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Isle of Prayer: DarkCloud Mansion

Post  Rj485 on Wed May 05, 2010 10:52 am

Isle of Prayer: DarkCloud Mansion

First of all you need to take the quest. It’s called “Bird in the Cage”, you can take it only if you are 78 lvl or higher
at NPC Kanis (X=43, Y=56.5).
[Now that HB is opened up to Stage 1, this step is not needed.]

In order to enter Crystal Caverns every party member has to have a Contaminated Crystal.

You can obtain it by doing a small, 2-party-member instance. It’s called DarkCloud Mansion, and it’s located on the small island (X=41, Y=53.7). This instance can only be done by two people at a time, but multiple parties of 2 can enter at once.

A party leader must talk to the NPC, then port in the room. Kill 2 mobs and go further. Kill all the mobs along the perimeter of the square (4 corners with 2 mobs in each).

Then the door to the room #1 will open. Walk in and kill all the mobs, then talk to the cup that will appear and walk out. Kill all the mobs along the perimeter of the room once again -> door to the room #2 will open.

Talk to the stone tablets and then mobs will appear. Talk to all the tablets again so they will start glowing blue. (The order
they activate is completely random.) Once all the tablets activate, they will disappear, and the next cup will appear. Kill the
mobs, talk to the cup, and walk out. Kill all the outer mobs one more time, then a door to the room #3 will open.

Kill the mobs in there to open the side door to Room #4. Further in there you will find horse statues, like knights in chess. The next cup is behind those statues. The system is rather simple – kill the statues, if its HP wont drop, then hit the next one.
Sometimes 1-2 mobs might get out of the statue, but its ok, kill them too. In the end you must get to the cup. Shooting at
all the statues is not good -- too much mobs will spawn, and even with good equipment, all those undying statues shooting at
you won't be fun. It might be hard to target those statues sometimes, but overall it’s not that hard. Talk to the cup and mobs
will respawn in room #3. Kill them and open the door to the room #5.

(Sometimes in room #4 it happens that it’s impossible to talk to the cup. In order to fix it you must kill the knight statues next to the cup, and then everything will be fine.)

There are 7 mobs in room #5, and you have to guess the 3 right mobs in a row. If the mob is guessed right he will say
something like “Good job” and disappear. If the mob is guessed wrong he will aggro you. You need to kill it, then all 7
mobs will appear again. It’s a random riddle. There is no system in it, you can either try hitting the same mobs all over
again or just hit them randomly until you 'win.'

After you have guessed the 3 mobs in a row a cup will appear. Everyone must talk to it, it will give the Contaminated Crystal.
Click thru the text and you will receive the CC, then port back to the Entrance NPC.

After every party member has obtained the Contaminated Crystal you may start thinking about going to Crystal Caverns.
In order to get there go the center of the island, where Parnassus is. The port place is under the water.

(To Be Continued in the next article)

[Copied from the internet, and edited for spelling, grammar, and accuracy] =)

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