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Path To Hellbound Quest

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Path To Hellbound Quest

Post  =GM=Wind on Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:27 pm

Path To Hellbound

Warp to Gludin, and then the Wastelands. Turn North and run through the big stone archway. Continue running North out past the Monster Eyes, Baselisks, and finally some Skeletons. You'll see two large stone columns. Casian is in between them.

Casian will send you to a woman named Galate. She's in the center of Heine, down the stairs from the Gatekeeper. She's standing next to the Hellbound Warpgate.
She sends you back to Casian. Go talk to Casian again and he will give you Casian's Blue Crystal.

Go visit Galate again. Show her the Crystal, and she then grants you permanent access to Hellbound. Simply talk to the Warpgate to enter.
*Note* There is also a warpgate at the Gludin->Wastelands warp.

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