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[L2SQ] - Lineage Squared - Like Stacksubs? Then this Server will Melt Your Brain.

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[L2SQ] - Lineage Squared - Like Stacksubs? Then this Server will Melt Your Brain.

Post  am1g0 on Sun Dec 02, 2012 2:29 pm

Quick-Link... Getting Started: How to Connect to L²SQ

This is a completely new and novel Substack system. Unlike all the other (garbage-can) stack sub servers, at L2SQ you can make all possible 1 + 1 Same-Race combinations theoretically possible on the game from just a single character! Let me repeat that; ALL COMBINATIONS POSSIBLE, FROM THE SAME CHARACTER. Yes, this includes Kamaels, I would be lying to you if it didn't. Players start by choosing their characters appearance, and once in-game choose their first two classes. There are two restrictions to class selection, you can only have two classes active and they must be of the same race (1 + 1 Same-Race). The beauty of our system is that it does not overwhelm you; its functionality and complexity are concealed in the simplicity of its design.

Fact: Stackclass renders all other Stacksubs OBSOLETE. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.

Domain: L²SQ Main Site
Forum: L²SQ Forums

Server Features
Unique Character Creation Process
Unique Stackclass Combination System
Every Combination Possible has its own Skillbar
Superb Server Files; Everything Works
Complete Geodata
International Community
Active/Pro/Multilingual Staff
Unsurpassed Technical Support
Zero Lag; Seamless Gameplay
Anti-Bot/Anti-Hack Software
DDoS Protection/Mitigation
Balanced Donations
Sex-Change via Donations
Race/Name Change via Donation (Coming Soon!)
Kamaels available through Retail Subclass Quest
All Characters can Craft/Crystallize
Perfectly Balanced Classes
Any Party Member can Invite
Any Clan Member can Withdraw from CWH (Permissions set in .clan)
26+4 Buff Slots, 15 Song/Dance Slots
Retail-Like Buff Times, except Song/Dance Durations +50%
No Add'l MP Consumption for Song/Dances
Songs/Dances are Alt + Click Removable
Automatic Class Changes
In-Game Clan Recruiting Board (Coming Soon!)
Intelligent “All-at-Once” and "Insta-Learn" Skill System
Automated CP/HP/MP Potions (.autoPotion)
Many other Unique and Intelligent Player Features (.cfg)
Non-Epic Raid Boss Status/Teleports (Loads of PvP)
Normal Raid Respawn: 12 Hours +/- 1 Hour
Epic Raid Respawn: Retail +/- 1 Hour
All Raids have a 2 Hour Window, ensuring constant PvP at Epics
All Raids 40+ Give CRP
Updated Hellbound Content (Loads of PvP)
Custom Skill Certifications
Custom Team-Oriented Olympiad System (1v1, 3v3, 6v6)
Custom Party Matching Window (Alt + B)
Custom x10 Simultaneous Craft Option (100 A.Bones -> 10 CBP)
Custom Endgame PvP/Fame-Farming Zones in SoA (Loads of PvP)
Fame acts as a form of PvP Currency; Gained/Loss in Clanwars
Vesper Upgrades 3x with Fame (Vesper -> Masterwork -> Noble -> Noble Masterwork)
Everything else, Retail-Like

The Class Selection Window (Alt + B, then click on 'Favorite')

Custom Party Matching Window (Alt + B, then click on 'Homepage')

Clan Ranking/Recruitment Board (Coming Soon!)

Brought to you by,

The Pac Project
Expect Great(er) Things


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