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Forum Rules

Post  Rj485 on Wed May 26, 2010 9:37 pm

**Forum Rules**

~ Short and Simple! ~

1.) Be as Polite and Positive as possible. Period.
-Any offensive material or spam may be edited or deleted at our discretion.

2.) Never insult, or flame the Admin, Dev, GMs, or MODs.
- There is a difference between a discussion, debate, or disagreement, and a flame war.

3.) Search for an existing topic before making a new thread.
-Don't make 5 'Server Down' or 3 'Fix My Blabla...' threads.

4.) Stay ON-Topic in each thread, and start threads in the proper section.
-Be reasonable. Topics and sections are separated on purpose. Keep it that way...

5.) Bottom Line: Keep a good attitude * Treat others with respect * Use common sense * VOTE!
-Together we can build a great community -- Let's make it happen! Thanks.


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