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Hellbound: Market Town

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Hellbound: Market Town

Post  Rj485 on Fri May 21, 2010 6:31 pm

Hellbound: Market Town (Instance)

The Steel Citadel is made up of 4 "Towers:" Base Tower, Tower of Infinitum, Tully's Workshop, and Tower of Naia. The Entrance to the Base Tower is located INSIDE of the Market Town instance. Also, ever party member entering the Base Tower needs a quest item from the instance. (The items are tradable.)

This is a 30 minute instance for 2 or more persons of lvl 78 or above.

To enter the instance, talk to Kanaf on the southern edge of the town. He will deposit you in the southwestern corner of the town.

Basically there are two kinds of activity you can pursue in the town. The first is killing monsters, the Town Guards stationed in groups of 5 or 6 at the strategic corners, and the Town Patrolmen wandering around between the buildings.
If you are in a hurry to find the Steel Citadel Keymaster, your Spectral Dancer may use the lvl 77 skill "Dance of Shadows", which will enable you to avoid the Town Guards. But the Town Patrolmen can see you even with the Shadow effect. Be careful!

The second activity is rescuing Natives to increase the level of trust on your server. Talk to a Native Prisoner in several of the buildings and click on the link that lets you disturb the magic that paralyzes him. He will thank you and warn you of the guards who will immediately come.

Equally important, however, is to find the Steel Citadel Keymaster. He is at random hiding in one of the 5 buildings, where you can also find the Native Prisoners. When you kill the Keymaster, he will drop with a certain probability some items called
"Key of the Evil Eye."

**Give each player one of these keys!

If luck should not be with you and the Keymaster didn't carry a Key, or if you did not receive enough keys for your whole party, it is best to leave now (Party Recall, bsoe ClanHall) and enter again via Kanaf.

When you have the Keys, you can eliminate the lvl 86 Torture Expert Amaskari in the center of the town. Be careful, he might set not only the nearby Town Guards but also the 10 Tortured Natives under his control on you. Don't kill the natives - this would reduce the level of trust on your server! Apart from the skill "Invasion of Spirit", a Damage over Time that reduces your MP, Amaskari can also absorb the HP of the Tortured Natives. Those Natives have only 7015 HP and are relatively easy to kill, but, as mentioned before, this will reduce the level of trust on your server. Therefore it is better to ignore that healing effect and just quickly kill Amaskari.

As soon as Amaskari is dead, those poor tortured natives will run away. Now fight your way to the northeastern end of town, where you will find a Moonlight Stele. Make sure each player has a "Key of the Evil Eye," then each player needs to talk to the statue and port in. You will then port into the Base Tower of the Steel Citadel.

Even in the first room of the Base Tower, the mobs inside are strong, so wait until the whole party ports in to start killing in there. Also, let one of the stronger members of the party port in LAST, to keep an eye on any remaining monsters that may attack weaker people still porting in.

Note: Since in Gracia Epilogue, inflicted damage will be reduced when the target is 2 or more levels above the player, the level of many monsters in Hellbound has been reduced. To compensate for that, several monsters have been given more skills. Amaskari, for example, will in Epilogue perceive players over a wide range and teleport in to harrass them while they are rescuing Natives or trying to kill the Steel Citadel Keymaster. Therefore in Epilogue it will be better to first eliminate Amaskari and only after that go on the search for the Keymaster.

[To Be Continued in the next article]

[copied from the internet, and edited for accuracy for our server]

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